subfloor and patio deckings

Subfloor. The manufacturer's specifications called for “exterior grade” sub-floor panels. I could not find that grade anywhere and several suppliers suggested using treated plywood instead. Fortunately, rather than follow their advice, I contacted a technical representative from Schluter Systems. While treated

A client we recently worked with wanted his deck to match a stone patio below — which he wanted to be dry, with a finished ceiling above to boot. We made the To provide a base for the EPDM roof membrane, we used a 3 4-inch tongue-and-groove OSB subfloor over 2x12s placed 8 inches on center.

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The easiest thing is a plywood subfloor over the present decking floor then put down flooring of your choice. Be sure to put a moisture barrier under the subfloor. Also what is under the present decking? If concrete and the decking is not to high, then remove the decking down to the concrete floor and go from

Miracote MiraFlex II Decking System is a multi-layered promenade deck coating consisting of formulated resins, cementitious underlayment and waterproof traffic roof deck surface coating for use on exterior or interior walking decks, balconies, ramps, stairs, patios, sun decks, play roof, observation decks, platforms, etc.

Includes: 9 pcs (12x12") floor decking for outdoor use. The floor decking is suitable for hard, even surfaces, like concrete, stone and wood. Wood contains tannic acid which, after a time, can leak out and discolor the sub-floor. Never lay wooden decking on a surface where it would matter if this happened. Only recommended

TI-ProBoard 12 in. x 96 in. underlayment boards for outdoor tiling installs directly to deck joists to provide a stable 3 8 in. substrate for installation of tile rather than traditional decking boards. Easy for home owner or professional installer, TI-ProBoard prepares the deck surface for setting materials and tile installation. Tile the

It's not always necessary to remove the decking before installing a subfloor for a four-season addition built over an existing raised deck framed with PT lumber, but it might be a good idea. Much depends on whether or not the deck footings, framing, and house connections are adequate for the anticipated

Low-slope roofs present a particular problem for drainage and waterproofing, especially when they intersect with an upper-story wall. If the roof is not just a roof, but also a walkable deck, the problems can be compounded. And a heavy stone or tile patio that is also the roof over an occupied space may be

Living in Northern Ohio there are several reasons to have your deck enclosed to transform your existing deck to a full screen room or sunroom. Many decks get upgraded every year. An enclosed deck will keep you dry and insect-free. When a screen room is built on a deck, one can enjoy the outdoors and